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In addressing teenage pregnancy, we have adopted two key approaches, the PREVENTIVE and the DEFENSIVE measures. While the preventive focuses on advocacy through sex and reproductive health education for teenagers in schools and communities, our defensive measure is designed to support teenagers who are already victims of early pregnancy.

Defensive Measure

Our defensive measure is designed to provide support services to teenagers who are already victims of lack of proper sex and reproductive health education. Young girls who are victims of early pregnancy face myriad of challenges ranging stigmatization, low self-esteem, school drop outs, financial insecurity, and psychological malfunction. 

This system has been critical in supporting and restoring dignity to these vulnerable teen mothers in rural communities. As a way to monitor and evaluate the progress of our engagement with teen mothers in these communities, we launch the Teen Mothers Network (TEMON), a platform for teen mothers to connect and access support services to help them triumph life challenges and create a better future for themselves and their children.

Preventive Measure

Our primary thrust in the preventive measure is to teach teenagers comprehensive and medically accurate sex and reproductive health education to help them make informed decisions as regards sex and relationships. This approach is designed to intentionally converge and engage teenagers in schools and communities in productive activities that will primarily refocus their minds to more prospective opportunities.

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30 November 2018

SMF visited Glad Tidings Secondary School for sensitization on sex and reproductive health education. It is worthy 

15 July, 2019

This outreached was organized to support teen mothers who quietly bear the burden of the overpowering responsibilities and …

18 September, 2020

we are proud to announce the launch of our new cluster in okpenekang village in Ibeno Local Government Area