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We are Smartmothers Foundation an NGO with specific focus on reducing the rate of teenage pregnancy in Nigeria.

Nigeria is the most populated black country in the world, as such, the issue of teenage pregnancy cannot be overlooked. Teenage pregnancy is menace that plagues both the teen mother, the child and society at large. 80% of the teen mothers are usually abandoned by their parents to fend for themselves, only a few survive with a skill while others run into multiple pregnancies.

The sad new is, 8 out of 10 African parents find it difficult to educate their teenage children on sex education either due to their busy schedule or their idea of seeing it as an irrelevant conversation to have. All these have led to the increase of poverty population, crime rate, unemployment and low societal values.

At SMF, we teach teenagers in schools and communities comprehensive and accurate sex and reproductive health education while advocating for teen mothers’ health and education policies and consciously working towards the inclusion of teen mothers in education, social welfare, healthcare, equitable work and quality lifestyle.

A strong believer in providing opportunities for teen mothers in underserved communities, we specialize in bringing together diverse teams to create tailored educational solutions for governments, private sector, investors and communities where teen mothers live. We also provide end-to-end learning and skills to boost teen mothers’ productivity.

Our Vision

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Our Mission

To build and promote the focus of vulnerable Teen Mothers and Teenagers to innovate, create and build sustainable ventures through empowerment, education and partnerships.

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